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Cam has been involved in CrossFit training and coaching since 2008.  He was active in competing from 2009-2012, securing three Individual Regionals qualifications in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

In early 2013, he opened CrossFit Vic City, which has quickly become the premier CrossFit gym in Victoria.  Cam blends the best traditional strength and conditioning practices with CrossFit philosophies and challenges to create a challenging and effective CrosssFit training program.

CrossFit Vic City has had great success on the elite competition stage, having qualified individuals and teams for each CrossFit Regional championships.  


Cam and his talented team of coaches are most proud of their  abiiltiy to improve anyone's level of fitness, regardless of starting ability.  


If you want to compete with the best in the Crossfit world, or simply become more healthy and fit, check out CrossFit Vic City. 

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