Cam Birtwell is a professional strength and conditioning coach and fitness consultant living in Victoria BC.  Over the course of his 19 year career, he has designed and implemented thousands of training programs.  This has lead to a positive impact on many high level and recreational athletes' successes, including:

  • 12 Olympic athletes and teams (6 medal winners - 2008, 2012)

  • Current:  Rugby Canada Women's Sevens Lead S&C coach

  • 8 years working with elite swimming athletes

  • 6 years working with elite rowing athletes

  • Rugby Canada Mens 15s Strength Coach 2007-2011

  • Rugby Canada Men's Sevens S&C Coach 2008

  • 12 Varsity sports teams

  • 17 Individual CrossFit Regional athletes

  • 6 CrossFit Regionals teams

  • Hundreds of other individual sport athletes from high school to international calibre

  • Hundreds of 'everyday' individuals focused on their own health and fitness goals

Cam received his Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology from the Universtiy of Victoria in 2007, giving him a unique and potent blend of both educational and practical experience.

Contact Cam today to set yourself, your team, or your company on a new path to greater fitness and performance.